Edit an active sequence

Need to fine-tune your Sequence after it’s already launched? Just open any Sequence, make your edits in the Stages tab, and click " Save Changes" in the bottom left corner. Your updates go into effect immediately for all active and future recipients who haven’t yet received the stages you edited.

Add New Stages

You can add new stages to active sequences.  Just click Add another stage, same as when creating a new sequence. Once you’re done, click Save changes.

Only active recipients and recipients you add in the future will receive the new stage(s). Recipients who have exited the sequence will not receive the new stage.

Change The Duration Between Stages

You can also change the duration between stages. However, if you make a change, it will only affect recipients that enter that stage after the change has been made.

For example, recipients who received Stage 1 and entered Stage 2 before you made a change to Stage 2's send date will still receive Stage 2 after the original duration you specified.

You can also easily reschedule the stages of your sequence.

Deleting Stages

You can delete stages from your sequence before it’s activated.  Just click the trashcan icon next to the stage to remove it from your sequence.

Once a sequence has been activated, there won't be an option to delete a stage.  But you can always edit the content, or cancel and recreate the sequence.  This is the method to use if you’re looking to remove a stage of an active sequence.

If you have any questions, shoot us an email at success@mixmax.com.  Happy editing!

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