Customize Send Times for Sequences

Customize times

When you create a new sequence, you can set the exact time you'd like each stage to be delivered in the second step of the sequence set up process, after you've added recipients.

Hover over the word 'Now' following the action to open the calendar dropdown where you can select a specific date or enter a custom time. 

If you're on our Growth or Enterprise plan, you will see the option to customize your sequence for each unique recipient in the left panel. This includes the ability to schedule different times for each recipient. To do this, select the recipient first and then choose a send time for each stage you'd like to customize.  

Schedule a sequence with recommended send times

On our Growth and Enterprise plans, you can distribute your sequence using recommended send times. Read more about how to utilize recommended send times and how we calculate these send times.

To reschedule a sequence you've already sent see: Reschedule the stages of your sequence

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