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What is included in the Mixmax Free plan?
What is included in the Mixmax Free plan?

This article lists all the features included in the Mixmax Free plan.

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If you only need basic features in Mixmax, the Mixmax Free plan is a great option. The Free plan includes the following features:

Per-Recipient Open Tracking

Free plan users can send tracked emails. Tracked emails use our advanced recipient tracking, which allows you to view who viewed your email, even when sending an email to multiple recipients. Read more about tracking in our article, Tracking overview.

For the Free plan users, Tracking is limited to 100 emails per month.

Unlimited Meeting templates

Meeting templates allow you to quickly schedule meetings using a preset selection of Availability. With each unique meeting template, you can specify the meeting's duration, availability, title, and location. More information on Meeting templates can be found in our Meeting Templates overview.

Unlimited Templates

Mixmax Templates allow you to quickly insert text snippets in your emails. Templates are great if you find yourself typing the same email over and over. To get started with Mixmax Templates, see our Templates overview.

Unlimited Reminders

Mixmax Reminders can bring an email back to your inbox at a specific date and time. Reminders can also be set based on tracking activity on an email. More details on Reminders can be found in our Reminders article.

Unlimited Send Later Messages

Send Later allows you to schedule an email to send at a later date. See Send Later for more details on this feature.

Unlimited Messages Sent using AI Smart Send

AI Smart Send allows you to schedule a message to be sent when your recipient is most likely to interact with your email. To get started with this feature, see AI Smart Send.

For Outlook-based users, AI Smart Send is currently supported only for emails sent via Sequences. It is not supported for individual emails sent manually yet. To learn more about the Mixmax integration with Outlook, check out How to use Outlook with Mixmax.

Mixmax Email Enhancements

Mixmax includes a number of enhancements that can be added to your emails, including calendaring, link previews, and more. See the Enhancements overview help article for a list of available enhancements.

For Outlook-based users, Mixmax Email Enhancements are currently supported only in the web app (for Sequences and Rules). To learn more about the Mixmax integration with Outlook, check out How to use Outlook with Mixmax.

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