Delegated Sending in Sequences

Note: Delegated sending is part of our Enterprise plan. Both the delegator and the delegated account need access to delegated sending to use this feature. If you'd like to use delegated sending, contact and we'll help get you set up!

In Mixmax, you can request permission to send a sequence on another person's behalf, and you can grant access to other users to send sequences on your behalf.

Granting permission

To grant access to another person to send on your behalf, visit the  Delegation section of your Mixmax settings. The column on the right will allow you to grant access to other accounts.

Type the email address you'd like to grant access to:

Next click the button to grant permission:

If the email account you're granting access to has the same domain, access will automatically be granted. If you grant access to an account in a different domain, they will receive an email and need to accept the invitation before they can send sequences on your behalf. 

Requesting permission

In the  Delegation settings for your Mixmax account, you also have the option to request permission to send sequences on behalf of another account. 

In the left column, type the email address you'd like to request permission from:

Click the button to send the request:

This will send an email to the email address you entered, prompting them to accept your request. Regardless of their email domain, the account you are requesting from needs to accept your request before you can send on their behalf. Until they accept your request, it will show as pending in your settings. 

Once the request is accepted, you will no longer see the pending status and can start sending sequences on behalf of that account.

Sending from a delegated account

You can set the delegated sending account when you're creating a new sequence. To set a delegated account as the sender for the sequence, click the drop-down menu in the 'From' field.

All accounts you have permission to send from will show in the delegated section of the drop down menu. Messages sent from a delegated account will show in the Sent Mail folder of the delegated user's email address. If you are sending delegated messages on behalf of someone else, the messages will not show in your own Sent Mail folder.

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