Add Rooms and Resources to your Calendar Events

You can add your shared rooms and resources to your Mixmax meeting templates, availability shares, and event invites. You can specify the room you want or you can even pick the Any Available option to let Mixmax automatically choose an available room for you. 

If the room you selected is no longer available or if there are no available rooms, no need to worry, your recipient will still be able to book a meeting with you. 

Setting up Rooms and Resources

Your G-Suite admin can add calendar resources and rooms from the G-Suite admin console. You can read more about how to do this here

Note: Shared rooms and resources are only available if your Google account was setup through your work, school, or other group.

Meeting templates

To add a Room or resource to your meeting templates, head over to your Meeting Templates Dashboard, select the meeting template you would like to add a room or resource to, then use the Room and Resources menu to select the room you want to add. 

Availability Shares and Event Invites

To add rooms or resources to your Availability Shares or Event Invites, use the Meeting Rooms menu on the left panel of the time picker to select the Room or Resource you would like to use:

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