Archiving Sequences

Archiving a sequence is a great way to remove a sequence from your primary sequence view, without having to sacrifice your analytics data. When a sequence is archived it is moved to the Archive folder in your sequences dashboard. Archived sequences are automatically paused and will not continue to send any additional stages until the sequence is restored. 

Workspace members with the User Profile can archive only archive sequences that they created.  Workspace members with the Admin Profile have the ability to archive any sequence in the Workspace.  To read more about Workspace Profiles see: Admin Settings.

To archive a sequence, click on the menu icon next to Add People, then click the Archive button at the bottom of the menu. You can also drag and drop sequences into the Archive folder.

Restore an Archived Sequence

To restore a sequence, navigate to the Archive folder using the panel on the left, then use the Restore button to restore the sequence.  You can also drag and drop the sequence to one of your sequence folders.

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