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Product Overview

The Daily Send Limit allows admins to set tighter controls on the number of emails a user is permitted to send  via sequences in a single day. Mixmax will automatically reschedule a user’s sequence emails to the next best available day via a rescheduling algorithm once they have hit the Daily Send Limit. This setting will prevent users from exceeding Gmail's daily sending limit and thereby helping prevent users from getting locked out of their Gmail/G Suite account. 

The Daily Send Limit is configurable with ranges from 100 up to 1,000 and provides users the ability to reprioritize rescheduled sequence emails from their Outbox. 

If you activate a large number of sequence emails in your Mixmax this feature is for you. 

Daily Send Limit Setting

The Daily Send Limit sets a maximum number of sequence emails that can be sent by a single user email address within a calendar day. Workspace administrators can adjust the number of sequence emails Mixmax will send per day, using the Daily Send Limit setting.  This setting can be found on the Settings dashboard, under the Workspace tab.

Administrators can also prevent automatically scheduled emails from being scheduled on the weekend using the  Allow emails to be sent on weekends checkbox.

The Daily Send Limit setting only applies to bulk emails sent with Sequences. Other methods of sending or scheduling emails are not considered bulk and are considered time-sensitive. Emails sent or scheduled outside of Sequences are exempt from daily send limits and will be sent at their originally scheduled time.

Workspace administrators should be aware this setting applies to all members of the workspace. Each Workspace member will be able to send sequence emails up to the daily send limit. 

What happens if you try to send more than your daily limit?

If you try to send more sequence emails than your daily limit allows on a given day, Mixmax will automatically reschedule the emails across multiple days. For example, if your daily send limit is 10 and you add 15 recipients to sequences, Mixmax will schedule 10 emails to send today and 5 emails the next available day.  

While activating your sequence, you will be notified if the number of recipients you are activating causes you to exceed your daily send limit for that day. 

Sequence emails that are automatically rescheduled by Mixmax will display a Postponed message in the Outbox and on your Sequence report letting you know how many days the email was postponed. 

How can I reschedule emails that Mixmax scheduled?

Emails scheduled by Mixmax can be rescheduled using the Mixmax Outbox

From the Mixmax Outbox, place a checkmark next to the emails you want to reschedule: 

Click the Reschedule button to select a new date or send window:

Click the Done button to save the changes:

When Sequence emails are paused, canceled, or rescheduled for later Mixmax will automatically move back other postponed emails to fill the spot and meet your daily send limit. If a recipient exits your sequence, a postponed email will be rescheduled to fill the spot. An email that is moved back will never get rescheduled before its original scheduled date. 

How does Mixmax determine which message to send?

Mixmax automatically prioritizes which messages to send based on a number of factors. To read more about how Mixmax determines which emails to prioritize and some examples of prioritization, please see How does Mixmax schedule Sequence emails?

What is Considered a Day in Mixmax?

Daily Send Limits are based on calendar days. The boundaries for when a day starts and ends are based on your browser's timezone the first time you signed into Mixmax.  If you need to make changes to your timezone please contact support

You can find more information by visiting our FAQ

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