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Improve the deliverability of your emails by turning off click-tracking on naked links
Improve the deliverability of your emails by turning off click-tracking on naked links

This article explains how click-tracking works in Mixmax and how you can improve your email deliverability when tracking clicks.

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Clicks and downloads tracking is available only on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Tracking links is incredibly valuable because it gives you real data on how your recipients interact with your emails. You can learn exactly which recipients are clicking which link and how many times they click each link. In this article, we will discuss why disabling naked link click-tracking may improve the deliverability of your emails.

Tracking clicks on naked links

How click-tracking works

To track a click, the recipient is momentarily taken to a special URL that registers their click and immediately redirected to the intended destination.

When to be careful about click-tracking

There are cases when tracking clicks may decrease the delivery rate of your emails.

When tracking clicks, you should consider two different types of links:

  1. Naked links use text that looks similar to a website URL.

Example: Used in a sentence: For details, visit

2. Regular links use regular text without additions like 'http://' and '.com.'

Example: nytimes. Used in a sentence: Look at this funny cat video from nytimes.

The naked link gives the impression that you're going directly to the New York Times homepage. Spammers sometimes use naked links to trick people into thinking they're going to a specific webpage.

Example: The link says, but when you click it, you're taken to For this reason, some spam filters penalize emails tracking clicks on naked links.

How to be smart about tracking clicks

Mixmax has a setting to automatically turn off clicks on naked links. Find it on the Settings page under Email tracking options in the Tracking section. Just uncheck the box next to Clicks on naked links. It's smart to track clicks because it gives you great insight into how people interact with your content. But it's even smarter to track clicks with Mixmax โ€” because we help you track clicks AND stay out of spam filters.

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