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Part 4: Mixmax in Gmail

This is part 4 of the Getting Started as an SDR course, where we show you how to use the Mixmax Sidebar and Sidechat in your Gmail Inbox

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With the Mixmax Sidebar, you can check your team's communication history with the Group Live Feed, view contextual information about a specific Lead/Contact by hovering over their email address, take quick actions such as scheduling a meeting, logging a call, or creating a task - all directly from your Gmail Inbox!

Let's take a closer look at the different Sidebar sections that might be especially useful for an SDR.

Sidechat collaboration

Mixmax Sidechat is a part of the Mixmax Sidebar you can expand by clicking the smaller Mixmax logo icon on the right side of your Inbox. Sidechat is a great way for your team to strategize, collaborate, and improve messaging to target accounts.

Sidebar with Sidechat

Using the Sidechat, you can collaborate with your team members on email conversations with prospects/customers directly in the email. Forget about endless screenshots and email forwarding. No need to waste your time trying to remember what the original email was all about anymore. Collaboration in the Sidechat is how you make sure everyone stays in the loop and can provide some feedback without costly delays.

Simply click Add collaborators and select your colleagues there or @-mention them in Sidechat to start collaborating.

Adding collaborators

While you are in your Gmail Inbox, you can see the list of conversations where you are included as a collaborator in the Sidechat tab. To open the email thread related to a particular conversation, simply click on the conversation in the list view.

Conversations in the Sidechat

When you open a message in Gmail, you will see the conversation related to that email in the Sidechat tab at once.


If there is no active conversation for an email thread, it is marked by an empty grey

chat bubble. Click the bubble icon to start a new conversation in the Sidechat and add collaborators:

Chat bubble

If there is an active conversation but no new messages, the email thread is marked by a filled grey chat bubble. Click the bubble to open the existing conversation in the Sidechat:

No new messages

When there are new messages in the Sidechat conversation, the chat bubble shows the number of unread messages. You will also see a New Sidechats banner at the top of your inbox. Click the bubble icon to open new messages in the conversation, or click the New Sidechats banner to open your list of conversations:

New messages

What happens when you add collaborators

New collaborators that already use Mixmax on the Small Business plan or above will see the email in their Inbox marked with the Mixmax Collaborator label. Collaborators can add comments in the Sidechat conversation. All future messages in this Sidechat conversation will be synced to their Gmail Inbox.

Threads with collaborators

If the new collaborator doesn't use Mixmax, they will receive an email from you with an invitation to collaborate on an email thread and a link to sign up for a Mixmax account. If the new collaborator is on the Mixmax Free plan, they will receive an email from you with an invitation to collaborate on an email thread and a notification that they need to upgrade to the Small Business plan to do so.


If you have Salesforce connected to your Mixmax Workspace (see more details on enabling this integration in the next section of this lesson), you can use the Mixmax Sidebar to quickly access and update Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities, view SFDC Activity history, and so on. To do it, select the People section of the Sidebar, find the required contact, and then click the Salesforce tab below.

If you open an email from a person for whom you have an existing record in Salesforce, you can see and edit their record in the Sidebar. Simply expand the Sidebar and hover over the email address to see the details about the email recipient displayed in the People section.

Salesforce tab in the Sidebar

Here, you can, e.g., quickly edit an Opportunity and move it to the next stage or change the amount:

Editing a record

If there is no record associated with the recipient of the email you are viewing, you can create a record:

No record of this person in Salesforce

Simply click Create Contact or Create Lead to add the recipient to Salesforce.

Creating a contact/lead

LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration

Mixmax's LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration is key to easier prospecting, icebreaking, and engagement for SDRs. You can now send LinkedIn connection requests and InMail messages directly from Gmail, schedule social follow-up tasks based on time or engagement with Mixmax Sequences, etc.


  • Mixmax Growth or Enterprise plan

    • You will need to be on our Enterprise plan to create LinkedIn Tasks in Rules and Sequences. Other than that, the LinkedIn integration is available with the Mixmax Sidebar on our Growth plan and above. Looking for an upgrade? Check out our pricing page.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise license

Connecting to LinkedIn

To connect LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Mixmax, click the LinkedIn "in" icon in the Mixmax Gmail Sidebar, then log in using your Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise account.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Insights

You can find the LinkedIn Sales Navigator insights on the People tab of the Sidebar. Here, you can see the information from your recipient's LinkedIn profile and send a personalized InMail message or a connection request.

Sending InMail messages from the Sidebar

After you configure the Mixmax<>LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, you can send InMail messages directly from your Gmail using the Mixmax Sidebar.

In button

Simply click the "in" button on top to open an InMail message compose window. From here, you can add a subject and body to your message and insert a signature. When you're ready, click Send. That's it!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sending a connection request

To send a LinkedIn connection request from the Mixmax Sidebar, hover over the three dots menu icon and click Connect.

The Connect menu

Next, you will be able to edit the text of the request and send the invite.

Connection request


The Integrations settings tab offers you an opportunity to connect your account with various tools. We recommend SDRs to start with the following:


If Salesforce is your CRM of choice, you can connect it to Mixmax and easily sync activities between Mixmax and Salesforce.

Make sure your Salesforce Edition includes API access to be able to connect to Salesforce API. By default, API access is enabled for these Salesforce editions.

To connect your personal Mixmax account to Salesforce, go to the Integrations settings tab, find the Salesforce tile, and click Connect to Salesforce. Log in to Salesforce when prompted.

Connecting to Salesforce

If you see the notification in the screenshot below instead of the Connect to Salesforce button, ask your Workspace Admin to connect a Sync User first.

Once your Workspace Sync User is set up, you will be able to see the Connect to Salesforce button.

Admin Sync User


Gong is an essential tool for analyzing calls to discover trends, improve your work processes, and search for relevant call recordings easily.

If you would like to connect Gong to Mixmax, make sure you are on the Enterprise plan and have the following configured/enabled:

  • Mixmax Dialer

  • Call recording

  • Mixmax <> Salesforce integration

To integrate Gong into your Mixmax account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Integrations settings tab and find the Gong Integration tile.

  2. Click the Connect Gong button.

Connecting Gong

3. Log in to your Gong account with your credentials or Google/Salesforce Single Sign-On (SSO). Click Sign In.

Logging in to Gong

4. Allow Mixmax to access your Gong account by clicking Allow.

Allow connecting to Gong

If Gong is connected successfully, the Gong tile at the Integrations tab will display You're connected! like in the screenshot below:

You are connected to Gong

Check out our help article about Gong integration for more details.


With the Mixmax Zoom integration, you can include a unique Zoom link in your calendar invites, meeting templates, and availability sharing.

Signing in with email and password

To connect to Zoom with your login credentials, go to the Integrations Settings page in the Mixmax web app. Scroll down to the Zoom tile and click the Connect to Zoom button. Fill in your Zoom account email address and password, then click Sign in.

Connecting to Zoom

Signing in with Facebook or Google

If you prefer to sign into Zoom with your Facebook or Google account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Integrations Settings page.

  2. Open one more tab in your browser.

  3. In the new tab, go to and log in to your Zoom using the sign-in button at the top of the page. Sign in with Facebook or Google.

  4. Next, return to your Mixmax Integrations Settings page and click Connect to Zoom.

If you encounter any difficulties when setting up the Zoom application or signing in to Zoom, check out the Zoom Installation Troubleshooting Guide for more details.

Now that Zoom is connected to Mixmax, you can use Zoom links as follows:

Adding a Zoom Link to your Meeting Templates

You can automatically add a Zoom link to your Mixmax Meeting Templates. To do it, navigate to your Meeting Templates section, then select the meeting template to which you would like to add a Zoom link. Switch the Zoom conference call toggle to On, and it's done!

Enabling Zoom for a meeting template

Now, when someone books a meeting using your meeting template, a Zoom link will be automatically added to the Location and Description sections of the meeting confirmation. If you have some other information in the Description/Location fields, the Zoom link and details will be prepended to your own information.

Zoom info

Adding a Zoom link to Calendar Events and Share Availability

To include a Zoom Link in your Calendar Events or Share Availability, click Add Zoom on the left panel:

Adding Zoom to invites and availability sharing

Next, you will see Zoom details added to the Location and Description fields.

Zoom link added

When your email recipient books a meeting, a unique Zoom link will be automatically inserted in the event confirmation:

Zoom link in the meeting details

Using the same Zoom link for all of your meetings

When you add Zoom links to meetings using the Mixmax<>Zoom integration, a unique Zoom link is created for every event. But what if you prefer to use the same link every time?

To use the same Zoom link for all of your events, you can specify your default Zoom link under Default Location in your personal Mixmax Calendar settings.

Setting default location

Now, you can simply use the {{host location}} variable in your calendar invites and the default Zoom link will be added. This can be especially useful if you have a permanent link for office hours or would like to set up a round robin.

Using your Zoom Personal Meeting Room

Mixmax also allows you to use your Zoom Personal Meeting Room invite and details for one or several meeting templates. To do that, log in to your Zoom account, go to Meetings, then select Personal Room, and click Copy the invitation.

In the next window, copy your Zoom personal meeting room information and paste it into the meeting template in Mixmax:

  • Add the Zoom meeting URL to the Where section.

  • Add the rest of the Zoom meeting room information to the Description.

Great job! Let's move on to the next lesson now!

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