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How to set up a Round Robin with Meeting Templates
How to set up a Round Robin with Meeting Templates

This article will teach you how to set up a Round Robin using Mixmax Meeting Templates.

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Round Robin scheduling is available on the Mixmax Growth plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

What is a Round Robin?

A Round Robin is a meeting that is automatically scheduled across multiple calendars. For example, when customers sign up for a demo on your website, the demo meetings rotate through your team to make sure the calls are distributed evenly across the team.

How do I set up a Round Robin?

To add a new Round Robin, go to Meeting templates in the left sidebar of your Mixmax web app. Then follow these steps:

  1. Click +New template in the top left corner of the page.

  2. Enter a Name for the new Round Robin.

  3. Under Type, select Round robin meeting template and click Create.

Creating a round robin

To complete creating a Round Robin, add multiple calendars to the Schedule on field. You can add any calendars to which you have Read/Write access.

As you start typing the calendar name you'd like to add, you will see auto-complete options for all calendars that match your search. If you don't see a calendar, ask the calendar owner to give you Read/Write access to their calendar.

Adding a round robin

Fill in the rest of the fields just like when setting up regular meeting templates. See Meeting templates for more details.

How do I make sure the host's phone number or video conference link is automatically included?

You want to make sure that the calendar event that is scheduled via a Round Robin has the host's phone number or video conference link. It is easy to set this up!

First, make sure that each person in the Round Robin goes to their Calendar Settings page and enters their unique meeting link in the Default location field. This could be a Zoom or other conference system link, or it could be their own phone number:

Zoom link in Calendar settings

Next, go to the Round Robin meeting template. Under Where, type in the variable {{host location}}. This variable will automatically be populated using the host's default location (set in the screenshot above). In the example below, we show a fallback variable, which you can add โ€” if the host does not provide a default location, the fallback variable will be used.

Host location

How does the Round Robin scheduling work?

The Round Robin scheduling logic will slightly differ depending on how you use the Round Robin meeting template. You can either share the unique calendar link associated with the meeting template, which takes the end user to a scheduling page, OR you can insert time slots directly into the email body using the /meeting keyboard command.

When you use the unique calendar link for the meeting, to maximize available time slots, Mixmax will insert available times for all of the calendars on the scheduling page, and each tile will reflect a time when at least one of the Round Robin members is available. If any user in the rotation is available during any time slots specified in the Round Robin meeting template AND those times are within their working hours, then those time slots will appear on the scheduling page.

To try to distribute meetings as evenly as possible across all calendars, Mixmax creates a queue out of all Round Robin members. Users who are added to the Round Robin later than others become first in the queue. When multiple users are added at the same time, the same rule applies. Users you list later in the Schedule on field will be closer to the beginning of the queue.

Place in queue

So, if only one calendar is available during a time slot, the meeting will be automatically scheduled on that available calendar. But if more than one calendar is available for the same time slot, Mixmax will select the user who is closer to the beginning of the queue and schedule the meeting on their calendar.

Example: Users A, B, and C are the members of the Round Robin. User A is in the first place in the queue, User C is in the second place, and User B is in the third place (because their calendars were added to Schedule on at the same time in the following order: User B, User C, User A). Both Users B and C are available for the time slot that a prospect/customer selects for the meeting.

Since User C is closer to the beginning of the queue than User B, the meeting will be scheduled on the calendar of User C. After that meeting, User C will move to the end of the queue.

For the next meeting, if User A is available for the selected slot, the meeting will be scheduled on the calendar of User A since this user will keep their place as the first in the queue.

Let's say User D is added later to the same Round Robin. Next time, if User D is available for the selected time slot, Mixmax will schedule the meeting on the calendar of User D because this user becomes the first in the queue.

Mixmax respects the different time zones and working hours of all the Round Robin participants to ensure meetings are only scheduled when users are available. You can configure Work Hours and change the Time zone in the Mixmax web app > Settings > Calendar.

Work hours

When you're using the /meeting command to insert availability, AND you select a Round Robin type template, Mixmax will insert time slots for one of the calendars, and each tile will reflect a time on the same calendar. Each time the /meeting command is used, Mixmax will rotate through the calendars randomly to make sure meetings don't always get scheduled with the same host. For Round Robin scheduling, sharing the unique calendar link is the recommended method.

Additional tips & tricks

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