Part 5: Enhancements

This is part 5 of the Getting Started as an SDR course, where we show you how to use Email Enhancements in Mixmax.

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With Mixmax, every email can become so much more. It is so easy to enrich your emails with a wide array of awesome email enhancements, including surveys, polls, call-to-action buttons, and more!

Inserting Email Enhancements

You can insert enhancements in your email in several ways:

The Enhance menu

When composing a new email in your Gmail account, simply click the Mixmax Enhance button in the lower-right corner of the compose window. You will see the Enhance this message menu with all enhancements grouped by function.

Enhance menu

Keyboard slash commands

Using slash commands, you can conveniently access the enhancements menu within the compose window. Just type in / (slash), and you'll see the complete list of Mixmax enhancements ordered alphabetically.

You can scroll through the list using the up/down arrows or your mouse. Press Enter or click an enhancement to insert it.

For the complete list of all available shortcuts, see Keyboard commands.


Mixmax Polls are among the most popular enhancements for a CSM. Use polls to get faster engagement from prospects or surveys to qualify leads based on their interest. You will see your response rate increasing because it is much easier for your recipients to reply by clicking a single button instead of typing an email.

You will get your recipients' answers immediately through an email notification.

There are four kinds of surveys/polls:

  1. Yes/No Question

  2. Q&A Survey

  3. Multiple-choice Poll

  4. Group Event Poll

Let's take a closer look at the first three types of polls you can insert in your email using the Enhance menu in the compose window.

Group Event Poll

Yes/No question

Keyboard shortcut: /yn [question]

You can insert a yes or no question into your email and get a quick answer from the recipients. To customize the answer choices, simply click the text on the button and make the changes!



Keyboard shortcut: /qa [question]

If you would like to survey your recipients, add an open-ended question using a Q&A survey enhancement.



Keyboard shortcut: /poll

Insert a multiple-choice question if you would like to poll recipients. For more details, see poll results.


Creating a Call-To-Action button

A Call to Action (CTA) button is a great option to increase clicks to links when you want to track engagement or provide a convenient way to book meetings with you.

Booking button

To create a Call to Action button, click the Enhance menu in your compose window and select Call to Action, or use the /button keyboard shortcut to quickly open the Call to Action menu.

Call to Action menu

You can select a premade button from the panel on the left or create your own custom button using the options on the right, as described below. Click Insert Button when you are done.

Creating custom buttons

To create a custom button, first add the text you want to be displayed on the button in the Button Text field. Specify the URL where the button should redirect users under Button URL.

The Text Color and Background Color fields allow you to customize the colors of the Call to Action button. You can either enter a hex color code or click the color picker wheel to select a preset color.

If you are on the Growth plan and above, the button color will conveniently match your custom branding by default.

The button preview will be displayed at the top of the CTA creation window. In the screenshot below, you can see a CTA button that links to your Mixmax Public Calendar.

Public calendar button

Enjoy the power of your enhanced emails! Let's learn about creating Sequences in Mixmax next.

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