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How to add HubSpot contacts to Mixmax sequences
How to add HubSpot contacts to Mixmax sequences

This article describes how you can add HubSpot recipients to a Sequence

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Sequences are available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. The HubSpot integration is available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Mixmax allows you to add recipients into Mixmax sequences by uploading your HubSpot Contact lists directly in Mixmax.


In order to be able to upload HubSpot Contacts lists to sequences, users must enable the HubSpot Manual Workflow from their Integration settings here.

See more on how to connect to HubSpot here.

Uploading HubSpot Contact lists to a Sequence

Once users have the Manual Workflows enabled for HubSpot, they can navigate to their sequence and upload their HubSpot Contacts.

From the Sequence, select "Actions" then "Add Recipients".

Select the "HubSpot" option from the Add Recipients table and select your HubSpot Contact list.

Note: Salesforce and HubSpot can both be used in Mixmax sequences when importing recipients.

Once ready, activate your sequence.

Note: Mixmax supports HubSpot active and static lists. Active lists are automatically updated with new contacts based on a condition so at the time a user imports an active contact list in Mixmax, this list will contain the up-to-date list of contacts.

HubSpot Contact Variables

Users can use HubSpot contact fields (default and custom fields) as sequence variables within their stage content. Please see more on sequence variables here.

Note that when using HubSpot fields as sequence variables, Mixmax only offers HubSpot fields from a contact information group in HubSpot:

CC and BCC variables

Users have two options to map data to CC or BCC fields when uploading Hubspot recipients to their sequences.

Users can add a new column to the sequences recipients table manually.

After, they select which HubSpot field they want to map to this column.

Alternatively, users can also map a HubSpot field exactly called CC or BCC to the sequence. If the fields in HubSpot are named exactly CC or BCC and are part of the contact’s properties category, then they are automatically detected when adding HubSpot contacts to sequences.

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