Create a New Sequence

Steps to create a new sequence: 

1.) Navigate to the Sequences section of your dashboard and click '+ New Sequence' at the top of this page. 

2.) Next, make sure to give your sequence a title in the box that pops up. As a best practice, we advise including the days date within the sequence title!

3.)  Import a list from Salesforce, a contact list, or a CSV. Alternatively, you can manually add email addresses by typing or pasting them into the table. Please note, you can skip this stage if you want to add recipients after building your sequence. Simply click on 'Next: Edit Stages' in the bottom, right.

4.)  Personalize your sequence stage content and schedule when your Stage 1 email will be sent!  You can add variables, use a template in your sequence, and add additional follow up stages as well. Once you are happy with your sequence content, select the button "Next: Confirm and active" in the bottom right corner. 

5.)  Mixmax will double check with you to confirm if you are ready to send the sequence to your recipients. Select the "Activate" button again when you see this pop up notification. 

6.) After activating your sequence, you can manage the Sequence settings on the "Settings" tab. Here you can alter the tracking requirements, advanced settings, and personal settings or share this sequence.

6.)  Once you’ve activated your Sequence, you can see high-level reports of its performance from your Sequences page. Learn more here: Sequence and Recipient Reports.

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