What counts as a reply?

You can set up your sequence so that people who reply to a stage won't receive follow-up stages. Here are a few scenarios you may encounter — we'll explain what counts as a reply:

Bounced emails: We are able to recognize emails that bounce, and these email addresses are removed from your campaign. Follow-up stages will not be sent to these addresses. We do not count bounced emails as a reply in your analytics.

Out-of-office messages: Out-of-office messages do not count as replies. These recipients will continue to receive follow-up stages. 

NOTE: Occasionally, the system may fail to correctly recognize an out-of-office message (i.e., it counts as a "real" reply). If this happens, please contact support@mixmax.com — with your help, we can train our system to recognize similar out-of-office messages. You may want to remove a person from a campaign after receiving their out-of-office message, if they're on a long leave or have left the company. You can manually remove a recipient from the sequence

Reply to an email that was not part of the campaign: If someone replies to an email that is not part of your email campaign — or sends you a separate email — we do not count this as a reply. In this case, you can manually remove the recipient from the sequence. We offer an advanced setting that allows you to remove a recipient if any email from them is received. Check here for more details.

Email was forwarded to a new person, and that person replied: If someone forwards your email to another person, and that person replies, this is counted as a reply. The reply will be attributed to the original recipient.

Recipient clicks on a Poll or Survey: If your recipient clicks on a poll, Yes/No question, or submits an answer to Q&A Survey, this counts as a reply. Here's more on polls & surveys.

Recipient clicks on a calendar invitation: If your recipient clicks any button on any of Mixmax's calendar invitations from the sender's calendar, this counts as a reply. 

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