Sequences Overview

Sequences are available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Mixmax Sequences allow you to personalize bulk outreach campaigns using emails and tasks. Sequences let you choose when you want to distribute each email while setting conditions on how recipients navigate through the stages of your sequence.

Standard Processing Timeline

We understand that the timely execution of sequences is critical to enabling your workflows to operate smoothly. Sequences can be complicated and may be used to perform a significant number of events at a time. We have built our system to be highly scalable and performant while enabling your data to be secure. Typically, sequence stages will take under 5-10 minutes to distribute from the time they are triggered to run. Occasionally they may take up to 60 minutes if there are extreme spikes in simultaneous sequences being sent.

Creating and Activating Sequences

Go to the Sequences section of your dashboard and click + New Sequence at the top of this page. Give your sequence a title at the top of the New Sequence screen. 

NOTE: If you cannot create/copy a sequence, your workspace admin likely has disabled sequence creation and the ability to copy a sequence at your Role setting. See more.

Step 1: Add recipients

You can only add up to 5000 recipients at a time.

Import a list from Salesforce, a contact list, or a CSV. Alternatively, you can manually add email addresses by typing or pasting them into the recipients table. After building your sequence, you can skip this stage if you want to add recipients. Simply click on Next: Edit Stages on the bottom-right.

Import a CSV

Drag and drop it in the window, or click CSV. Your CSV must follow our guidelines found here.  In particular, all email addresses must be in a column named Email (no quotes, not case sensitive).   

Import a Salesforce List

Growth and Enterprise users can import recipients from Salesforce lists by clicking the Salesforce button in the upper left. Search for any list of Contacts or Leads, and we’ll import the records into your sequence, complete with all available fields.

Add Recipients From Gmail

You can also add  a recipient directly from Gmail to a previously activated sequence. Learn more about adding a recipient from the compose window.

Add Recipients From Salesforce

Growth and Enterprise users can add a list of Salesforce Contacts or Leads to a Mixmax sequence without leaving Salesforce.

Head over to any list of Contacts or Leads, and click Add to Mixmax Sequence. We recommend that you verify the imported data before you send the sequence. Learn how to connect Mixmax to Salesforce here.

Edit recipient data

On the recipients table, click any cell to edit recipient data before sending. This is a great time to make sure all first names are capitalized!

Step 2: Edit Stages

Add Content to Stage 1

First, you will want to create Stage 1 of your sequence.  Stage 1 can be an automatic email, to-do, call, or LinkedIn task. 

Stage 1 also determines when your sequence will start sending to your recipients. For email stages, you can choose to Send as Soon as Possible, use Smart Times, or pick a specific date

Conditions To Send Follow-up Stages

Click the  + Add another stage button underneath Stage 1 to add follow-up stages. While you can add content to your follow-up stages, similar to Stage 1, you can also build conditions for when these follow-up stages should be distributed:

  • Trigger: Distribute this stage if the previous stage is not replied, not read, or regardless.
  • Number of days or hours: How many days or hours after the previous stage is distributed should this stage be distributed.
  • Type of day or hour: Choose between Weekdays (Monday through Friday), Days (every day of the week, including weekends), and Hours. Holidays are not considered when using any of these conditions.
  • Send an email or add a task or a Salesforce task to a sequence (Available on the Enterprise plan only).
  • As a reply: select “Yes” to thread the stage with previous stages. Select “No” if you want to send the new stage as a unique thread with a unique subject line. Learn about subject lines in sequences.
  • Between: Set the time range and time zone for when follow-ups will be sent. 

Insert Variables

When adding recipients to your sequence, the column headers you add (like Email, Name, or Company) are automatically turned into variables you can use to personalize your email. Type any variables in your message's subject line or body, or click the 'Insert Variable' button to insert them. Learn more about Sequence Variables.

Use Templates

Add templates to your sequence to ensure your campaigns are consistent and super-efficient. If you add a template to a sequence stage, analytics from your sequence and your template will be aggregated when filtering by this sequence in your Live Feed.

Choose your template from the Templates menu in the top right corner of the compose window, or type a semicolon ( ; ) followed by the template's name.

Test Email

Click the Send myself a test email button at the bottom of the stage.  Confirm everything looks good before sending it to your prospects!


On Growth and Enterprise, you can personalize stages for each recipient. Click the recipient's email address on the left to personalize their email or edit the send time for this recipient.

Step 3: Activate

After adding recipients, making necessary personalizations, and scheduling Stage 1, you can click on Activate Recipients to start your sequence.

Step 3 also contains  Settings for your sequence, where you can alter the tracking requirements, advanced settings, and personal settings. On our Growth plan and above, you can share the sequence via the Share option at the top, right next to the search bar.

Tracking Requirements

Opens and replies are always tracked for sequences.  This is necessary to set conditions for follow-up stages.

Choose whether to track clicks and downloads, log to Salesforce (Growth and Enterprise), or sync to Mixmax.  

Advanced Settings

Learn about our advanced sequence settings under the “Advanced Settings” section, including who your sequence should or should not be distributed to, additional ways to remove a recipient from a sequence, and add an unsubscribe link.

Personal Settings

These settings are not shared with your Group.

Add a CC or BCC address to log events to other CRMs or to add a CC'd or BCC'd recipient.  You can also enable desktop notifications.

Share Sequence

You can share a sequence by clicking Share at the top of the sequence settings page. Choose the access level for the Groups or individuals you share your sequence with. You can share a sequence on our Growth and Enterprise plans. Here are the access levels you can choose from:

    • Can View: allowed to view and send only.  
    • Can Edit: allowed to edit sequence, including content and settings. When the content and settings are edited, it will apply to everybody who can access the sequence.

Sequence Reports

Once you’ve activated your Sequence, you can see high-level reports of its performance from your Sequence Insights page. You can see individual recipient stats from the  Sequence Recipients tab.

Cancel Your Sequence

Learn how to end an active sequence here: End an active sequence.

Learn how to exit particular recipients from an active sequence here: How are recipients removed from a sequence?

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