Sequences Overview

Mixmax Sequences allow you to customize bulk outreach campaigns. You write just one message, and we’ll automatically add information specific to each recipient, like name, company, salutation, product, etc. Create as many variables as you want!

Video Overview

This quick video goes over how to create and use a new sequence.  

Create a new sequence

Go to the   Sequences section of your dashboard and click New Sequence in the top left corner.

Step 1: Add recipients

Import a list from Salesforce, a contact list, or a CSV.  Or, manually add email addresses by typing or pasting into the table.

Import a CSV

Drag and drop it in the window, or click CSV. Your CSV must follow our guidelines found here.  In particular, all email addresses must be in a column named “Email” (no quotes, not case sensitive).   

Import a Salesforce List

Growth and Enterprise users can import recipients from Salesforce lists: just click the Salesforce button in the upper left. Search for any list of Contacts or Leads and we’ll import the records into your sequence, complete with all available fields.

Add Recipients From Gmail

You can also add a recipient to a previously activated sequence directly from Gmail.   Learn more about adding a recipient from the compose window.

Add Recipients From Salesforce

Growth and Enterprise users can add a list of Salesforce Contacts or Leads to a Mixmax sequence — all without leaving Salesforce.

Head over to any list of Contacts or Leads, and click Add to Mixmax Sequence. To ensure perfection, verify imported data before you send. Learn how to connect Mixmax to Salesforce here.

Edit recipient data

Just click any cell to edit recipient data before sending. This is a great time to make sure all first names are capitalized!

Step 2: Edit Stages

Schedule Stages

Start with Stage 1.  Once you add recipients to your sequence, you can schedule the exact date and time Stage 1 will send.  Or, use our Smart Send Times feature.      

Conditions To Send Follow-up Stages

Click “Add another stage” underneath Stage 1 to add follow-up stages. Set the send conditions.


  • Trigger: send if the previous stage is not replied, not read, or regardless.
  • Number of days: how many days after the previous stage is sent to send.
  • Type of days:  weekdays or days (includes weekends).  Select weekdays if you don’t want messages sent on a weekend.


Insert Variables

The column headers from the recipients tab are automatically turned into variables you can use to customize your email. Type any of the variables in the subject line or body of your message, or click the variable buttons to insert them. Learn about sequence variables here

Use Templates

Choose your template from the Templates menu in the top right corner of the compose window, or type a semicolon ( ; ) followed by the name of the template.

Add  templates to your sequence to ensure your campaigns are consistent and super efficient. You'll get analytics for both the template and the sequence!

Personalize for Individuals

On Growth and Enterprise, you can personalize each stage for each recipient. Click the recipient's email address on the left to personalize their messages, or edit the send times for each recipient.

Test Email

Click the “Send myself a test email” button at the bottom of a stage.  Confirm everything looks good before sending to your prospects!

Step 3: Confirm and Activate

On the Confirm & Activate page, you can adjust your sequence settings and activate to send.

Share This Sequence

    Choose the access level for the Groups or individuals you share your sequence with.

    • Read Only: allowed to view and use only.  
    • Read Write: allowed to edit sequence, including content and settings. When the content and settings are edited, it will apply to everybody who has access to the sequence.

Tracking Requirements

Opens and replies are always tracked for sequences.  This is necessary to set conditions for follow-up stages.

Choose whether to track clicks and downloads, log to Greenhouse ( Enterprise only) or Salesforce (Growth and Enterprise), or sync to Mixmax.  

Advanced Settings

Learn all about our advanced sequence settings under the “Advanced Options” section here: How are recipients removed from a sequence?  

Personal Settings

These settings are not shared with your Group.

Add a CC or BCC address to log events to other CRMs, or to add a CC or BCC recipient.  You can also choose to show desktop notifications.  

Sequence Reports

Once you’ve activated your Sequence, you can see high-level reports of its performance from your Sequences page.  Learn more here: Sequence and Recipient Reports.

Cancel Your Sequence

Learn how to end an active sequence here: End an active sequence.

Learn how to exit particular recipients from an active sequence here: How are recipients removed from a sequence?

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