Salesforce Campaigns in Mixmax Rules

Mixmax Rules are a powerful tool to automate workflows in addition to the other functionalities Mixmax has to offer. 

With Campaign Actions in Rules, users can automate the campaign workflow by creating Rules associated with sequences, for example, to create a Campaign member when a new recipient is added to a specific sequence or update a campaign member status when the recipient exists a specific sequence. Prior to setting up Campaign Actions in a Rule, there are a few prerequisites users will need. 


In order to create Rule Actions using Salesforce Campaigns, the following will need to be set up prior:

  1. A user needs to be connected to Salesforce. If the user setting up the Campaigns rule is the rule owner, then it is required they are connected to Salesforce. If a Workspace Admin creates a Workspace Rule for Campaigns, the Workspace Admin along with any other users that the Workspace Rule will apply to, must be connected to Salesforce.
  2. A user needs to have the appropriate Salesforce permissions to the Campaign and Campaign Member Objects. Specifically the permissions to read campaigns as well as read, create and edit campaign members. 
  3. The Rule Trigger should be “Sequence”The Rule Action step will only display campaign object actions, if the selected trigger has a sequence associated with it (ie: the Rule Trigger "A recipient exits a sequence")

Setting Up Rule Actions

When users creates or edits a rule, they will have access to the Salesforce rule action "add/update campaign member in campaign".

After selecting this Action, the user will be taken to a view where they will be required to select a campaign to add the recipient to as a member (or to update the member if it already exists as part of the campaign). 

  • Adding a campaign member will add the recipient as a member in your Salesforce campaign 
  • Updating a campaign member will update the current member in your Salesforce campaign

Please Note: 

1) The rule action shows all possible member status values, independent from the campaign, and will not validate if an incorrect “campaign member status” is selected. If an incorrect member status is selected for this campaign, the default status will be assigned.

2) In order to add recipients as a Campaign Member, the Lead or Contact record should exist in Salesforce prior. 

If you want to create your Leads / Contacts as part of this Rule Action, please select an option in “Add new records” different than “No”

We recommend users to configure Sequences and Rule Actions for your campaign, in a consistent way for recipients that do not currently exist in Salesforce. This is so the setting is the same in both Sequences and in the Rule Action. 
For example, the setting in Sequences and in the Rule Action is configured to add a new Contact in Salesforce when the recipient does not exist. 
While this setting is enabled in both the Sequence and the Rule Action, only one Contact will be created without duplicates.
Please see more on creating Contacts and Leads from a Sequence  here

Example Rules

1) Create a Campaign member when a new recipient is added to a specific sequence

2) Update a campaign member status when the recipient exits a specific sequence 


How can I get this set up? 
  1. The Salesforce sync user configured in Mixmax here should have access to the Campaign and Campaign members objects in Salesforce and to all Campaign records.
  2. If you are using or want to use Salesforce real-time sync, your workspace admin will need to install or upgrade the Real Time Sync package that we offer. See more here
  3. Once the above is completed, you will be able to use the Rule Action “Add / Update Campaign Members”. 
What would happen if my Leads or/and Contacts do not exist in Salesforce when the rule is executed?
As described above in the article, in order to add your recipient as a Campaign member, the Lead or Contact should exist in Salesforce prior.
So depending on the rule action configuration:
  • If you configured the rule action to automatically create a Contact or a Lead, this record will be created automatically and added as a campaign member to the predefined campaign.
  • However, if you configured the rule action to not create any Contact or Lead, the rule will fail since it will not be able to add any record in Salesforce as a campaign member.
What would happen if my campaign members already exist when the rule action is executed?
Duplicates will not be created. If you configured a different member status in your rule action, the corresponding campaign members will be updated with this status.
What would happen if I have custom values on the Campaign Member Status pick-list field?
Mixmax will get all your pick-list values for the rule action to be configured accordingly.

What if a campaign member status is renamed or added from Salesforce? 

If a campaign member status is renamed or added form Salesforce, the workspace admin should select the “Get latest fields” button here

After doing so, the campaign status should display the new name in the list of available statuses when creating a campaign rule. 

Are there any limitations to the campaigns displayed on the campaign picklist? 

There is a max number of 50 campaigns displayed on the campaign picklist for campaigns starting with the same name. For example, if you have 51 campaigns starting with “Amazing …” , only the first 50 will be displayed there. 

How can I debug in case the rule action fails?

As with other rules, under the Rules  Activity tab, you will find more information about the rule results on the message body of each rule activity log.
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