Protect your email reputation

Here are some easy ways to protect your email reputation — and prevent your messages from getting caught in your recipients' spam filters.

  • As a priority, first ensure you have taken these important steps to SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. Mixmax is unable to take these actions on your behalf and you may want to partner with your internal IT team.
  • Turn off tracking on naked links
  • Set up a custom tracking domain
  • If you've just started using a new email domain or email address, don't send a big sequence right away - "warm up" your email account first by sending individual messages for a few days.
  • Keep your bounce rate low. If you've never emailed your recipients before, validate their email addresses before sending. You can use tools like Email Hunter. If your bounce rate is high (over about 5%) this can affect your email reputation, making Google more likely to rate-limit your sending.
  • Your recipients can click Gmail's "Mark as spam" button, which can cause Google to limit your sending. Investigations in the email community have found that each time a recipient clicks "Mark as spam", Gmail penalizes the sender by reducing their daily send quota by ~100 emails. 
  • When writing your emails consider the content of your email. Take care to avoid phrases that might come across as spam. Emails about contests, prizes, and special offers are particularly likely interpreted as spam. 
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