How do I transfer my subscription to another email account?

To transfer your Mixmax paid subscription from one email account to another, please send us this pre-generated email.  It’ll send to, so that you can tell us:

  1. The email address your subscription is currently associated with
  2. The email address where we should transfer the subscription (this should already have Mixmax installed and enabled)
  3. If you’d like us to transfer your templates and template folders for you
  4. If you need to transfer sequences over

What We Can And Cannot Transfer For You

We can only transfer your subscription and templates (upon request) over for you.  

These items will not be transferred over to your new email address:

  • Sequences
  • Sequence Analytics
  • Live Feed Data
  • Signatures
  • Contacts

Keep reading to learn how to transfer or save a record of this content!  

Transferring your templates

If you tell us that you’d like your templates transferred when you reach out to us at, your templates will be moved from your old account to your new account.  

Please note: they will only exist on the new account after we transfer them for you.  Let us know if we need to delay the date of transfer for any reason!  

Keeping templates on both accounts

If you would like to keep your templates on both accounts, first log in to your old account and share your templates with your new account:

  • Create a new folder using the New folder button in your templates page. Give the folder a name, then click save.
  • Move any templates you would like to transfer to this new folder.
  • Within your newly created folder, click “Edit Sharing” in the top right corner.
  • Share your folder with the email address you would like to transfer your templates to and click Done.

Next, from your new account, copy the content of shared templates into new templates, so you can continue to edit the templates:

  • Create a new template while logged into your new email address.
  • Insert one of the shared templates into the new template (either select it from the menu in the top right corner or use the keyboard shortcut, the semicolon key).
  • Click Done to save the template.
  • Repeat for each of your templates.

Transferring your sequence content

You can manually transfer the content of your sequences from one account to another. Just create a new sequence in your new account, and copy and paste the content from the sequence in your old account.

Or, let us know you need to transfer sequences when you write to us at We can place both accounts on Growth temporarily so that you can share and copy sequences to your new account.   

Saving your sequence analytics

You can download a copy of your sequence analytics as a CSV for your own records.  Within an individual sequence, click “Download CSV” in the top right corner of the Report page.  If you have access to Insights, click “Download CSV” within your Insights page.       

At this time, it is not possible to transfer your sequence analytics directly to your new account.  

Saving your Live Feed data

Within your Live Feed, download a copy of your data by clicking “Download CSV” on the right-hand side.  

At this time, it is not possible to transfer your Live Feed data directly to your new account. 

Transferring your signatures

To transfer your signatures to your new account, first add any email aliases you have to your new account: see Add email addresses and aliases. If your signatures are stored in Gmail, you can easily import your signatures from Gmail: see Import and create signatures.

If we manually imported your signatures into Mixmax, we can transfer your signatures for you behind the scenes. Send us an email at and let us know which email address contains your signature(s) and which email address you would like to transfer the signature(s) to.

Transferring your Contacts

You can transfer your contacts to your new email account within your Google Contacts. This article shows you how: How to transfer contacts between Google accounts.  

Once your contacts are transferred, simply click the “Re-import from Google” button, found at the bottom left of your Contacts page.  

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