Your Public Mixmax Calendar

Your public Mixmax calendar is a personalized webpage that shows times when you're available to meet. Anyone with the link can click a time to schedule a meeting with you. You get your own personalized link that you can share, which you can find in your calendar settings.

Your public Mixmax calendar link is perfect for sharing in a  sequence or in your email signature, because the available times listed are always fresh and up-to-date!

Your public Mixmax calendar

Your custom link will contain a drop-down menu with all of your  Meeting Templates, which your recipient can choose from. Because you can set the availability differently for each meeting templates, the available times the recipient sees may change when they select a different option. 

Here's what it looks like when someone visits your public Mixmax calendar and clicks to schedule a meeting. If they get to your calendar by clicking a link in your email, their name and email will be pre-filled. You can specify the meeting title and location in your settings. After someone books a meeting with you, both of you will receive an email notification, and the event will automatically appear on both of your Google Calendars.

Each meeting template you create will also have its own unique link you can use and send out to recipients. You can add your public Mixmax calendar link to your email in several ways. 

1. Click on the Meetings button near the top of the compose window, and select Insert calendar link. When you select that option, you'll be able to select exactly which meeting template link you'd like to send.

2. Alternatively, you can use the slash command /appointmentslink. This will provide you the same list of meeting templates to choose from.

3. Our best-practice recommendation is to create a  template that includes: a) your custom text for asking your recipient to book with you, and b) your calendar link. Then insert your template using the semi-colon keyboard shortcut (type ; followed by the name of the template). For example: 

Want to book on someone else's calendar? Get their calendar link, and create a template with that link! 

4. Another option is to create a call to action button like the one in the screenshot below. Type /cta to create your own button. Create a template that contains this button, so you can add it quickly to any email.

Settings for your public Mixmax calendar

Everything about your public calendar is totally customizable. Go to the Settings page in your Mixmax dashboard and click the calendar option. You can turn your calendar on and off (great for when you're on vacation). You can also customize the link for your calendar, so it includes your name or nickname:

Create multiple meeting templates

You can create multiple meeting templates on the Starter plan and above. Create different meeting templates to offer meetings of different durations (15 minutes, 30 minutes), in different locations (Coffee shop, office conference room), or for different purposes (45-minute kick-off call with specific links in the description, 15-minute check-in call with different links). Here's how to set it up: Head to your  Meeting Templates Settings page and click New Template:

Fill out the settings for each meeting template: 

Basic Settings

    • Meeting Template: Give the meeting template a name
    • Duration: length of meeting slots, in minutes
    • Available: Specify the dates when you're available. 1 day from today is tomorrow - so if you put "1" in the first box, the earliest someone can book with you is tomorrow. We recommend putting "1" in this box. Putting "0" will enable people to book a same-day meeting with you, which can be a bit stressful and we don't recommend it!  
  • Default Event Details — this information will appear on the event confirmation page and confirmation email
    • Title
    • Where: add your location here. This is a good spot to add a Google Hangout, gotomeeting, BlueJeans, or Zoom meeting link
    • Description: add your agenda or any other info in this text box
  • Within the following hours: Specify the hours during which you'll offer meeting times. Around here we call these your "office hours". Our best practice: give yourself one meeting-free day each week, so you can focus on those projects you never seem to have time for!
  • Links and Shortcuts
    • Link: Customize the link that will appear in the URL. Once you've set up your links, create a template for each meeting template, to easily offer a link. 

Make sure I never have more meetings than this per day: If your days are feeling too full, reduce this number to give yourself a little more time.

Meetings shortcut: typing /meeting in an email will automatically add the availability enhancement, using times when you're available. You can specify the number of times to show.

Protect yourself from double-booking

Check the box for double-booking protection to ensure that people cannot select slots that conflict with events on your calendar.

Finally, you can specify the default Title and Location, and Description for both the Share Availability enhancement and your public Mixmax calendar. This information will appear in the notification email and in the Google calendar event. Note that you can specify separate options for the Event Invite

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