How are Recipients Removed from a Sequence?

When recipients are removed from a sequence, they are considered exited from the sequence and will show that way in the report view for the specific sequence. There are several different ways users can be removed from a sequence, described below.

Default options

The Recipient replied to your Sequence

By default, follow up stages are set to go out if you don't receive a reply. If you keep these defaults for your sequence, the recipients will automatically be exited when they respond to one of your stages.

The Message to the Recipient Bounced

Any message that bounces will result in the recipient being removed from the sequence immediately. Bounced messages will be indicated next to the recipient in your sequence reports.

Learn more about how Mixmax handles bounces here.

The Recipient clicked an Unsubscribe Link in your Sequence

When a recipient clicks the unsubscribe link, they'll automatically be removed from the sequence and added to your unsubscribed list. This prevents recipients from being added to later sequences created by you or others on your team.

The Recipient received all of the Stages of your Sequence

If they get every stage, they're considered exited. Any exited recipients will not be reactivated if you add more stages after they have exited.

The Sender manually removes the Recipient

As the sender, you can also remove an active recipient from a sequence either in the sequence recipients report or in your Outbox.

The Sender manually followed up

If the sender manually sends a message in the sequence thread the recipient will be removed from the sequence. 

Advanced Options

These options all pertain to the advanced settings section for each sequence

Allow senders to add Recipients who have already received this Sequence

By default, this option is unchecked and will prevent a recipient from receiving the same sequence multiple times. Check it if you want recipients to be able to receive the same sequence.  

End this Sequence as soon as I receive any email from the Recipient, whether or not it’s a Reply

When selected, the recipient will be removed from the sequence when you receive any email from them, whether or not it pertains to the sequence they're in.

End this Sequence as soon as a meeting is booked with the Recipient via Mixmax

When selected, the recipient will be removed from the sequence if any meeting gets booked with the recipient via Mixmax. This includes meetings scheduled in another thread using any Mixmax calendar feature

Block Recipients from being Active in more than one of my Sequences at a time

When selected, we’ll prevent you from adding this user to another sequence simultaneously. If the recipient is already active in another sequence with this setting selected, Mixmax will automatically remove them when you attempt to add the user to another sequence.

Block Recipients from being Active in more than one Sequence at a time by any of the following Teams

Similar to the above, when this is selected by another sequence you own or another sequence of somebody else on your team, Mixmax will prevent you from adding the same recipient to multiple sequences simultaneously. This is helpful if you want to make sure your contacts aren't getting too many emails from your team.

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