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What to do when you change your email domain
What to do when you change your email domain

This article describes what you can do to transition to a new email account smoothly.

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Things change โ€” including email domains! Here's how to ensure your team's Mixmax experience is smooth throughout the transition.

Are you changing the domain of the existing email accounts or getting all new ones?

If you're changing your domain and renaming users, you don't need to do anything with Mixmax. The Mixmax account is tied to the Gmail account, not the email address. If the user is still going to have the same email inbox as they did before the change, you are all set.

For Sequences, the From email address gets synced automatically from Gmail settings every Sunday. If you need to update the sequence sender right after changing your email domain without waiting till Sunday, you can manually import the email address. To do it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Gmail Settings > Accounts.

  2. Click Import email addresses to Mixmax as shown below:

Importing email addresses to Mixmax

If each person is getting a brand new email account, it's more complicated. We can't transfer the Mixmax account over to a new email account, but we can transfer some of the assets, like Templates. Read on!

Transitioning from old accounts to new accounts

  • Accounts: We can provision the new accounts so everyone in the organization is on the correct plan. Please send us a spreadsheet that lists each Mixmax user, the old account's email address, and the new account's email address. Let us know which people in the organization will need organization admin permissions.

  • Groups: You will need to re-create your Groups in your new organization.

  • Templates: We can transfer your templates from the old account to the new account. Using the information in the spreadsheet you gave us, we will be sure to transfer the templates accordingly.

  • Sequences: We currently cannot transfer sequences between accounts. As a courtesy, we will leave the old accounts active for a few weeks so active sequences can finish sending. Sequence analytics can be downloaded from the Recipients tab using the Download CSV link. We would recommend that you do this before you switch to your new account.

Sequence analytics downloading
  • Reminders and send laters: We cannot transfer reminders or send laters between accounts. These can continue to send while the old account is still active; for emails that are scheduled far out in the future, please re-create them in the new account.

  • Live Feed: We cannot transfer the Live Feed activity from one account to another. You can download a CSV copy of your Live Feed data using the Download CSV link.

Live feed data downloading

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