Account & Billing Overview


The Accounts tab on the Account & Billing page is where you can manage your account and the accounts you pay for. Here, you can add new users, remove or reassign subscriptions, change roles, and assign billing managers.

**Note that adding users to your Account's billing does not add them to your Team, and vice versa!

Add more accounts to your billing: You can put everyone's plan on one credit card for streamlined, centralized billing. Just enter the names or email addresses of your team members under "Add more accounts". You can paste in multiple names or emails at once. Then choose a plan - see below. If you want different people to be on different plans, add them.

If you're adding someone in the middle of your billing cycle, you'll be charged for a partial month or year (depending on the plan you've selected for yourself). At the start of your next billing cycle, you'll receive one charge for everyone's subscription.

  • If the person you're adding already has their own subscription, send a note over to so we can cancel their existing subscription. 

Invite people to join your team: If you are the admin for a Mixmax team, when you add people to your billing, you can click the Add to Team button to invite them to join your team. Learn more about teams.

Change Roles: You are able to change the role for each user. To select a different role, click the drop-down menu under the Role column and choose an option from the list. The list of roles will correspond to the roles you have created in the Roles tab of your Account & Billing page.  

Promote Organization Manager: Each organization can have multiple organization managers; org managers can change the manager status of other people in their organization. To make someone in your org into an organization manager, turn on the toggle under Can manage users and roles?

Upgrade your plan: Click Upgrade my plan to treat yourself to even more email superpowers. You can compare plans at

Reassign account: Seats are transferable. If you want to reassign an account to a different email address, click Reassign, and you'll be prompted to enter the new email address: 

Cancel account: You can cancel an account so that the subscription does not renew. Click the trash can icon next to the account that you wish to cancel:


You can update your credit card details on the  Billing tab. Calling usage is also found here if you have Mixmax calling enabled. 


A user's role determines several things:

  • Mixmax sync settings: whether emails you send, and the recipients' opens, clicks, downloads, replies, and meeting confirmations, are synced to the Team Live Feed. You can also choose whether your team can view the content of your emails.
  • Salesforce sync settings: whether your emails sync to Salesforce. You can also control whether recipients' opens, clicks, downloads, replies, and meeting confirmations sync to Salesforce.
  • Greenhouse sync settings: whether your emails sync to Greenhouse. You can also control whether recipients' opens, clicks, downloads, replies, and meeting confirmations sync to Greenhouse.
  • Exclusions: Emails that are sent to the domains and addresses listed here will not be auto-bcc'd or synced to the Mixmax Team Live Feed, Salesforce, or Greenhouse.
  • Unsubscribe: Require that all sequences sent by that role include an unsubscribe link. You can customize the link. Learn more.
  • Tracking: Disable all tracking on new messages and sequences for members of this role. Learn more.

Managers can create multiple roles, each with a customizable name, and each role can have its own separate sync settings for each of the categories above. You can also configure the sync settings so that individuals on a role can manage their own settings. When that option is selected, they can manage their own settings on their CRM & Team Live Feed settings page. 

To manage roles, go to the Roles tab in your Account & Billing page. If you don't see a Roles tab, this is because you are not an organization manager; either you are flying solo and there is no one else whose account is paid for centrally along with your own account, or you do not have the permission to manage users and roles. Contact your organization manager to request permission.

Let's look at the example below. There are 3 roles — Sales, Customer Success, and Recruiting — corresponding to the 3 different groups of users who use Mixmax. 

Note that roles are not the same as teams! 

Sales and Customer Success roles differ in their Salesforce sync settings. The Recruiting role is syncing activity to the applicant tracking system Greenhouse. 


On the  Integrations page, you can check to see if users in your organization are connected to integrations like Salesforce and Greenhouse. If they are not connected, you can invite them to connect by sending them an email.


For teams on the Enterprise plan you can create organization wide rules.  Organization rules are applied for all members of your Mixmax organization.  You can read more about organization rules in our article: Organization Level Rules


On the  Settings page, you can specify the default role for your organization, and specify custom a domain for tracking and calendars

Default role

When you add new users, they will automatically have the default role. You can change their role when you first add them, or at any time in the future. If you delete a role and there are users who are currently in that role, those users will automatically be switched to the default role.

Custom domains for tracking and calendars

You can specify your organization's custom domain, to be used in the following areas:

  • Click tracking: when your recipients click a tracked link, they are very briefly brought to a URL with your domain, and then redirected to the link destination.
  • Downloading a cloud-hosted attachment: when you send your recipient a cloud-hosted attachment and they download it from your email, a new tab briefly opens, from which they download their attachment. This tab will have your custom domain.
  • Booking an event using Meeting Types: when you set up a Meeting Type, you get a designated URL from which your recipients can book time on your calendar. You can specify the domain for this custom URL.

Here's more on setting up  custom domains for tracking and calendars.

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